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🌿Can Plants Really Offer THAT Kind of Pain Relief?!

The BEST Plant-Based Pain Balm

When you want pain relief you can trust – made from all-natural ingredients that you don’t need a science degree to pronounce – reach for Original Gold Formula 8!

At Musa Gold, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health to get relief from muscle soreness or pain. That’s why we strive to formulate each of our products with natural, plant-based ingredients that have been safely used for generations.

Original Gold Formula 8 is the #1 plant-based pain balm on the market today.

Why? Because we use the best ingredients to target the underlying causes of muscle pain and soreness.


Inflammation is a leading cause of all kinds of problems, including muscle pain. That’s why we use herbs and spices like nutmeg that specifically address inflammation, soothing and offering pain relief in the process.

Soreness & Pain

Our balm also takes advantage of numbing herbs like juniper berries that have been used by millions of people around the world to treat health problems and lessen pain.

Dry Skin

By using all-natural ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter, our balms don’t just offer pain relief. They moisturize dry, cracked skin, breathing new life into it.

This is Why Our Customers Call Original Gold Formula 8 “Amazing!”

If you’ve been looking for a plant-based pain relief balm that soothes, heals, and moisturizes, you’ve found it!

Just listen to what our customers are saying about Original Gold Formula 8, the ultimate pain relief balm…

“Hey friends! Check out the Gold Formula 8 pain relieving balm! When I tell you this worked amazingly! Try this out you won't be disappointed.”

Sheila, Bronx, NY

“I was in a bad car wreck, and I rubbed some Gold Formula 8 on to help me with the pain and it truly is helping me. Thank you, Musa Gold! We need this in emergency rooms and therapy facilities for sports teams!”

Antoinette, Port Orange, Florida

Discover the Power of Original Gold Formula 8 for Yourself

Are you ready to try this incredible, plant-based pain relief balm for yourself? You can order your first jar of Original Gold Formula 8 today for only $10.

Order yours today.

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