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Herbs and Spices | A Natural Approach To Relieve Pain

Withstanding the modern lifestyle, busy routines, and office deadlines, we eventually collapse at some point. Then comes the endless headaches, knee pains, inflammation, and other health concerns. Even after paying several visits to your doctor, sometimes the pain never leaves. It’s because we are using drugs to treat our health problems. The DRUG word indicates that the pain arrives again once we’re off it. Moreover, the chemical-based balms and ointments we use do more damage than good to our bodies.

Have you ever thought about how our ancestors used to work all day with their bare hands? We didn’t even have doctors or chemical base medicines back then. How did they turn to be so tireless and strong simultaneously?

All questions lead to the same answer. Herbal medicines.

Herbs, spices, and essential oils were with us long ago. For thousands of years, they have been used to deliver a soothing effect, relieve pain and aches, and treat plenty of other health concerns. A recent 2020 research suggests that herbal medicines may be used as a safer alternative to pharmacological agents for treating Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis and may even provide superior efficacy.

Herbal medicine manufacturers use plants to treat diseases abnormalities and enhance physical fitness, general health, and well-being. Following are some examples of herbs, essential oils, and spices considered excellent options for organic pain relief.

Lavender oil

Rosemary essential oil


Fenugreek seeds






You can use these herbs, essential oils, and spices directly or buy organic products such as pain balms, soaps, body wash, and lotions that can help you get rid of your health concerns. You don’t need to waste your time searching for such organic products. Here we introduce you to our herbal remedy project Musa Gold.

Musa Gold provides natural formulas using herbal ingredients to provide you with long-lasting pain relief and a soothing effect. We have pain balms to use as an organic pain reliever for arthritic, joint pain, swelling, inflammation, and sports recovery.

Whatever your problem is, Musa Gold has got you covered!

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